Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello everyone,
Sorry for the delay of emailing u these photo collections , but ive some technical error with my computer. So here as promised are the pictures of the imported baju kurung i brought back during my recent trip from abroad.

There are two type of these baju kurung in different patterns but not necessarily in all sizes,therefore I will present this type by type so that it'll easier for you to browse and also to avoid further confusion. The quality of the baju kurung is pristine and the manik sewn is neatly intact, abundant and beautifully ornamented.  I only brought back few so quantity is limited for now , will announce when i make another trip to stock up.

Prices shown are fixed if u buy 1-2 pieces , however,i will give u discount if u purchase more than 2 to 5 pcs.

Wholesale price for 6 pcs and above , 20pcs and above, 50pcs and above, 100 pcs and above are also available (please refer below). 

6 pcs & above - RM 145
20 pcs & above  - RM 140
50 pcs & above - RM 135
100 pcs & above - RM 120

6 pcs & above - RM 165
20 pcs & above - RM 150
50 pcs & above - RM 145
100 pcs & above - RM 140

(This type of baju kurung with this quality and heavy beads is selling above RM200 at boutique and online)

You can COMBINE order with your sisters , friends , colleagues, aunts, mother, brother's gf, whoever to get wholesale price. The more the better! Those yang nak beli untuk meniaga time puasa ni please let me know so that we can discuss this matter in benefit for both parties. For now i only have S,M & L size , sapa nak size XL and XXL have to wait for next batch.

All prices shown are not including postage fees. Normally , the charge for post is depending on the weight of baju kurung. Roughly it will cost you around RM7 for 1 piece of baju kurung ,added baju kurung will be charged RM1 each.

I wanted to email you guys this collection before posting at FB because i will be giving limited free gifts for early birds , a free gift that will compliment ur baju kurung (hint hint! hehe) .So yeah , u are the lucky bunch!

RESERVATION : 50% deposit is required to secure the ownership of the baju kurung from those who want to reserve.

COD - No COD for time being. STRICTLY POST only. Sorry for the inconvenience yeah.

Some of the profit from the sales will be donated to charity

Do contact me at Facebook msg or email me at to order or inquiries.

p/s : Some of the pictures didnt do justice for the baju kurung because off picture these baju look amazingly stunning.Please let me know if u want to look for more pictures of desired piece.

Happy shopping!